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Have you ever found yourself asking over and over, "What in the world is going on?" America appears to be retreating from leadership in the world. Islam is on the rise, and the world economy is in shambles. Our leaders seem more interested in climate change than terrorism, and our public school teachers are being hand-cuffed by bureaucracy in Washington. None of this is a surprise to God. Come for this exciting series and learn what God has told us about our time.

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"What In The World Is Going On?"
Genesis 11
10/18/2015AM Pastor Jim Alter Download
"Humanism and the Gospel"
Genesis 11
10/25/2015AM Pastor Jim Alter Download
"Destroying Foundations"
Genesis 11
11/1/2015AM Pastor Jim Alter Download
"What In The World Is
Going On With Education?"

John 8:32
11/8/2015AM Pastor Jim Alter Download
"The Christian Teacher"
John 8:32
11/8/2015PM Pastor Jim Alter Download